Freshpaint (beta)

Freshpaint (beta)


Freshpaint is a CDP that allows you to collect user’s actions without code thanks to auto-tracking technology. You can connect your data from Freshpaint to June in a couple of clicks and get access to Instant Analytics.

Connect Freshpaint

1. Create a function in Freshpaint

To add June as a destination, navigate to the Functions page in Freshpaint, and create a new function.

Under Function Type select "destination". Then add a name, description, and add the following URL:

2. Generate a token in June

Head to your June settings by clicking this URL:

Open the Freshpaint modal:


Generate a token or use an existing one, then copy it:


3. Paste your June token in Freshpaint

With your June repo now added, navigate to Functions under Destinations, to complete the configuration:

Complete the configuration by adding your June API Key:


3. Turn your new integration on under Status


June is now configured and available as a destination!

To send event data to June, navigate to your Event Schema, and enable it in the same way that existing destinations are enabled.

Multiple sources: In case you have multiple Freshpaint sources repeat the steps.

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