2/3 Customize templates

2/3 Customize templates

Customize your template

June comes with auto-generated templaes, but you can customize their setup for more accurate analytics. Here is how.

1. Pick specific events

You can edit a report set up in two ways

  • open an already created report and click on the β€œEdit” button in the top right corner
  • select a template in our template list

You can then remove the events already picked by clicking on the β€œbin” icon, and add the most relevant events and/or pageviews instead.

Event recommendations: To help you make sure you are tracking the right events we put together a list of recommendations.

2. Pick the right audience

Audience filtering is the same discussed in section 1/3. Here you can filter in or out

  • users based on user trait
  • company based on group trait

You can also filter users based on their behaviours using events, like this:


3. Advanced settings

In some templates, you will be able to leverage more advanced settings.

For instance, in the active users report you can remove weekends or new users from your analysis. This is where to find more advanced settings when they are available:


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